What kind of feelings do you have when you are confronted with the eyes of your twin flame?

When I was getting to know him, I did not think of him as a Twin Flame because we both did not expect to be who are to each other. I was going through a turbulent time with my marriage and I was so focused on my life. I knew that I had alien feelings for him but I didn’t see the situation working out for us so I had very low expectations.

But, every time he walked through the door, my heart would start racing — and I would get excited looking in his eyes.

My Twin Flame would show how much I affected him every time he saw me. He would become uneasy, fidget with his hair and sometimes matter words to describe how he feels.

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One morning, I walked into the room and color washed over his face. He nervously passed his hands through his hair as he muttered; “Wow!”

My first instinct every time I see my Twin Flame is hugging him and kiss him on the cheek. This is such a natural response that I mirror it to him. He hugs me and kisses me on the cheek every time he says goodbye.

What do you do if your Twin Flame is dating someone else?

What I love the most is when he takes a day without seeing me, the first thing he says is; “There she is!”

We are HOME to each other.

I can’t wait to look in his eyes again. I feel like I will explode. Haha.

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Once when you affirm when you are reuniting with a Twin Flame, you relax and let divine timing bring everything to you because you TRUST that what belongs to you will always be yours.

Thanks for asking this. Stay Blessed.

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