How do you honor your twin flame?

By not sleeping around:

If you know that your Twin Flame is the one and you are in temporary physical separation, and if you know that soon or later you will reunite, don’t sleep around with other sexual partners. If you are doing it to make your Twin Flame jealous, that is a sign that you are still carrying so much pain from within.

Having other sexual partners away from your Twin Flame will not only slow down your healing process, but it will also bog down your energy and you will have a difficult time being open about your Twin Flame experience if you are hiding behind a relationship.

Keep your promise that you made to your Twin Flame:

My Twin Flame promised me that he would return once he figured out how to stay because neither of us likes physical separation. I responded to him; “I Accept.”

No matter how doubtful I became during my Twin Flame process, I always knew that he would come back and I held onto that promise with all my hope.

When my Twin Flame says something important to me, we look in each other’s eyes and I remember his last glance every day.

I am hopeful that things will eventually work out for us.

Trust your SACRED Connection:

No matter how much some people don’t believe in telepathy and the spiritual aspects of the Twin Flame experience, it is my favorite part. I know that I don’t have to prove that I am right to feel that authentic spiritual connection that I have with my Twin Flame.

I feel him all the time, and when I get lonely, I quiet my mind and channel our shared energy and that instantly comforts me because I always feel the oneness with him.

I have never felt disconnected from my Twin Flame.

Always choose Hope & Positivity:

No matter how much advice you ask, you will always deal with your connection in Solitude. You feel your emotions and feelings whether good or bad.

The Twin Flame process keeps growing and the only currency is energy. You always win when you are vibrating from a positive frequency. You will accelerate your energy purging process when you choose to have good vibes in your life.

Stay away from people with negative vibes, and always accumulate happiness on a daily. Your Twin Flame experience will improve and become easier once you learn to grow your energy.

On the twin flame journey, is it possible that the awakened twin is the first to run instead of chasing? I’m a DF that is awake but I’m running (my DM is still asleep).

From my experiences, I was both the runner and the chaser — I was the one who first ran from the connection because I was overwhelmed, and once I realized that the connection that I have with him is special, I started to chase him back by apologizing for trying to block him out of my life.

I believe that once you start to learn about the Twin Flame experiences, you realize that there is no distinction between the runner and the chaser. You both experience the energetic turbulence in your connection that affects the running and chasing process.

I also believe that if you are one who is doing more energetic clearing, you are the one driving the energetic flow of the connection. If you are more centered in your energy, then you are most likely to be responsible for grounding your Twin Flame.

You are also responsible for ending the running and chasing cycle; Once you realize the dynamics and workings of the running and chasing, you can influence how your Twin Flame responds to your actions.

If you have been the chaser, you can choose to surrender, and if you are running from the connection, you can choose to face your journey and embrace your fears.

I believe that knowing about the workings of the Twin Flame experience is an added advantage to being on the Twin Flame journey.