What signs let you know that you will eventually be in union with your twin flame?

I will be reuniting with my Twin Flame soon and it has been almost two and a half years of excruciating emotional chaos. It has been a journey of lessons about true love and soul transformation.

Once you acknowledge your Twin Flame and how special the bond is, you know deep in your soul that you will meet again because you feel the eternity of your connection.

What are the signs that affirm to you of an imminent reunion?

You tell each other what you want before physical separation:

Communication is key in every relationship and we live in the physical world. Once you meet your Twin Flame, you express to each other your deepest desires which give you a window into what to aspire to achieve for the future.

If you want to reconnect, your Twin Flame will make it clear and you can also tell from their behaviors and actions.

We did not expect to meet each other, and separation was very tough on both of us but we promised each other to find a way to be together in the future.

My Twin Flame has never failed me when it comes to promises and this is why I always knew that I would see him again.

You discuss the future:

Since you and your Twin Flame’s aspirations match, you always discuss plans when you are together.

My Twin Flame and I, we kept talking about our life’s mission and future aspirations and most of our goals aligned. I knew that at some point if we merged our lives, it would be an epic reunion.

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