Does your Twin Flame feel Insecure sometimes?

Oh wow! He did this with me too!

For us, it was him trying to get affirmations from me — this is an insecurity that I bring out of my Twin Flame — he wanted me to “approve”.

Before he settled for one of his dates, he could show me profiles of girls that he was going to see on Tinder so that I could comment but I found that so painful and I asked him to stop.

I know for a fact that I make my Twin Flame feel so insecure and he feels not good enough sometimes especially if he meets my friends who look good. He keeps commenting on their physical looks.

So my advice, tell your Twin Flame how you are uncomfortable with him talking about his private life but remember that he trusts you and your advice because he knows that deep down no one completes him like the way you do.

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Thanks for asking this question.

Stay Blessed!