Does your twin flame trigger you when you’re around each other? Does he, or she, cause you to feel, say, think or do irrational things that you otherwise wouldn’t?


A week after the intense experience of looking in each other’s eyes and acknowledging that we had a special bond, he said to me; “I am going to find a job here and stay.”

Awakening to Twin Flame love: I worked very hard to keep a physical connection because I knew that soon later, we would meet again. Now I cant wait to see him again.

I was very surprised by what he said because my Twin Flame had an amazing job, and he is not the kind of person who impulsively does things. He is a very well composed man but I affect him in such a moving way.

Once when you affirm when you are reuniting with a Twin Flame, you relax and let divine timing bring everything to you because you TRUST that what belongs to you will always be yours.

When we get drunk, we do the weirdest things ever!

One night after a very long drive together, we were having dinner and called me “babe” with so much love. He snapped himself out of it and realized that he got in how he feels, and he tried to quickly find composure.

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I can always tell that I affect my Twin Flame differently and he shows his emotions to me whether people are watching or not.

My Twin Flame prides himself in being “stoic” — he says that he can keep composure but when I am with him, he lets loose.

One day he whispered; “I can’t resist you.”