If one’s twin doesn’t know what is going on or doesn’t know anything about twin flames connection, would one’s twin go in a romantic or sexual relationship with someone else?

From my experiences, I was unaware of the connection. I had no idea what was happening to me because meeting my Twin Flame woke up different feelings within me.

Let’s be clear about one fact: When you meet a Twin Flame, the experiences become your new life situation whether you know how to deal with it or not.

In most cases, Twin Flames who are unaware of the connection go through an initial phase of emotional crisis because they are naive about the nature of their Awakening to Twin Flame love.

This is also how most Twin Flames like me discover about Twin Flame experiences. Due to the emotional chaos that I felt, I started to research my condition and this is when I learned about Twin Flame Connections.

Twin-Flame-Runner-Returning-Does the runner ever return?

It was an emotional roller coaster navigating this Twin Flame journey.

Now, to answer your question:

Remember that the Twin Flame Process becomes your new life situation and every new day is an emotional rollercoaster on its own with intense highs and lows.

The first lesson that I learned embarking on this journey is that once you meet the one, it’s only them that you want.

You crave their presence, you think of them all the time and you are constantly emotionally communicating with each other.

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Twin-Flame-Chaser-Surrender-Learning to let go to heal-

The sexual intimacy between the Twin Flames is from the source of their Soul if it is a romantic experience. Your souls keep making love to each other.

Because of the deep connection to my Twin Flame, it has been challenging dating new people because I can’t seem to have the same intensity as the chemistry.

It also feels like I am cheating on the connection if I try to be intimate with someone new.

From my experiences, you can’t go through the Twin Flame process as a “side thing” in your life that you easily can switch on and off when you need to. Rather, once you encounter your Twin Flame, your life changes.

Your Soul keeps keeping calling your Twin Flame’s Soul and you can feel it all the time!

  1. When you met your Twin Flame, were you both free to be together or were you in a relationship?
  2. TWhen you met your Twin Flame for the first time, how was your experience like?

Stay Blessed!

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