Were you completely honest with yourself and your twin flame about your “true feelings”? Did you then go into union as some “experts” claim you will? Or, like me, did your twin run away from you never to return?

My Twin Flame closed me off when I told him how I feel about him. I think I scared him off but I don’t regret it. When I opened up to him, I sparked the whole separation phase because he said that it’s best if we did not talk.

The shock of being separated from him drove me to find out what I was experiencing because the connection only grew stronger after we separated.

This is when I looked into the signs and symptoms that I was experiencing. After a long search on the internet for over two months, I found out about Twin Flames.

It’s been two years and I love him every day. Managing the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame.

tried reaching out to him several times; I called him or texted on special days but without a response and he could see my messages but wouldn’t say a word.

My Twin Flame checks in with our mutual friends every now and then to ask about how I am doing but he never reaches out directly to me.

I know that he will come to his senses but we both found a Home in each other.

There is no place like home.

Twin-Flame-Chaser-Surrender-Learning to let go to heal-
Twin-Flame-Runner-Returning-Does the runner ever return?

More inspirations here — Silvia Moon.

Thanks for the question. Stay Blessed!

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