What happens if the person you have met and think your twin flame is married?

Well, the situation gets very complicated and frustrating once you meet your Twin Flame when either of you is married. 

Since Twin Flames are bound together in unconditional love, it is very difficult to stay away from each other no matter the obstacles that are getting in the way.

When my Twin Flame met me, I was also married to his friend. 

I could see how antagonising it was for him to watch me be with someone else. It felt as if my husband had my hand and my Twin Flame has my heart.

When you meet your Twin Flame when you are married, you don’t feel like you are cheating on your marriage; it feels as if you have found someone who is more than a bed friend. It feels as if you have met a mother, teacher, father, sibling, guide, mentor, spiritual teacher, etc. 

When you meet your Twin Flame whether you are married to others or not, your souls recognise each other before your hearts and minds do. You keep wondering to yourself; “How do I know this person?” The familiarity is too uncanny.

I watched my Twin Flame struggle to stay away from me — No wonder once we separated physically, he went quiet because he says that it is best for everybody if I don’t talk to him about my feelings. 

I don’t know about other Twin Flames but for me, my Twin Flame found me in the moment of my life when I was still holding onto a marriage that was sinking. My Twin Flame had nothing to do with the issues that I was struggling to handle. 

When I found him, I had no idea what Twin Flames are, and I did not think that he was my “rebound” — I was still holding onto my marriage.

The first week we met, I tried to put on a facade perfect marriage but as time progressed, he could see that I was trying to make everything in my life seem perfect. 

Meeting my Twin Flame shed light on every aspect of my life that he showed to me that I deserved better than I was accepting in my life by showing to me how I should be treated and loved. He also showed to me what unconditional love was — we were never sexually intimate but we had a SOUL INTIMACY. 

Since we never confronted what we feel for each other, we never had closure — maybe it was for the best because we were continuously merging into each other. We could not stay away from each other and all our friends had started noticing.

When I dissolved my marriage, I never talked to my Twin Flame about it. I could write to him letters explaining the spiritual awakening but nothing about my marriage. My Twin Flame had nothing to do with my life situation — he walked into it and it was not his fault.

Life works in amazing ways because I never showed to my ex-husband that I was going through a Twin Flame encounter. I never discussed the topic of Twin Flames to anyone apart from two of my closest friend s and they never understood what I was going through.

I kept it a secret — When I dissolved my marriage, life was tough. I was so scared of the change to come. I was afraid of being alone after having my ex-husband in my life after being together for over 5 years. I was afraid of what people would think of me in society as a “divorced” woman. 

Sometimes I could wish that I never found my Twin Flame because he sparked change in my life with chaos — I was going through a spiritual awakening.

Since none of my friends understood my situation, I was alone most of the time and I went through all the physical symptoms of Spiritual awakening.

Some of my friends assumed that I was depressed or sick but I was experiencing the Twin Flame journey. 

I have learned about every aspect of this journey through personal experiences. I had to go through every phase for to fully understand what was going on with me. 

So, being a Twin Flame has not been a way of easily dissolving my marriage but rather the opposite. It has been challenging to experience the Twin Flame journey as I navigate the physical aspects of my life.

The Twin Flame journey has empowered me to love myself, to create a meaningful life and to also understand unconditional love not just for my Twin Flame but for the human collective.

The other lesson that I have learned about physical union with a Twin Flame is; I was working so hard at the beginning of the Twin Flame encounter to meet my Twin Flame again but as I progressed further on my journey, it all became about me. The whole Twin Flame process became about redefining myself to find the authentic version of myself.

Once I found healing, I realised that I had the power to choose to pursue a life with my Twin Flame or not. It was up to me to choose to desire to be with him or choose a new life altogether. 

The Twin Flame experiences empower you to exercise your Free will.

I reached out to him recently to let him know that I have been celibate since I found him two years ago. He sent a positive response and I hope to have closure with him.

I have been married before, I am in no rush to settle down with him — I want to take it slow as we get to know each other because I know that any relationship needs time. We have to learn to live together.

Having gone through the challenges of the Twin Flame journey, I believe that the most challenging phase will be figuring out how to settle with my Twin Flame because we both have to move continents, get used to each others’ families and cultures. And, we also have to deal with the intensity of the emotional highs and lows of our shared energetic vibration.

Do everything for you!

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