What happens if your Twin Flame is married?

Nothing! Only sucks for both of you because you can not fully and freely express your love to each other.

I felt guilty that I was married for 5 years and never experienced such love before. I felt guilty for feeling amazing love yet my husband was not. I felt guilty for not having that love in my own marriage. I wondered how I got so Lucky to be me yet I was in the worst position to show unconditional love to someone else without being looked up on.

Before I separated from my twin, we both promised to get back to each other and even after two years, I still trust his word.

I want to now answer your question.

What happens if your twin flame is married?

When you find the Love of your Life, you must decide if you want them or not. Declare that right away to the person that you love.

My Twin found me, he came to me and we both wondered how we never knew of each other before.

Once I found him, all of me knew that this is why I am Me! My life finally made sense! No one in the world ever made me feel like I matter, I am somebody and see me for who I am . He made it OKAY for me to be myself.

Once I felt this, I had no idea that this was true love or twin Flames. I had never experienced either.

Once I accepted HIM right away, I knew that I would move mountains to be with this person. I knew it in me.

I gave up on Love before Many times because of Ego but not for this one.

The rest of our time together I made sure he knew that I love him. I am here and I will never Change.

So even after two years of not seeing each other, I know that both of us are just gonna burst with Love.

Truth is that we both told each other that We shall be back “Home” ❤️☀️ – soon.

I love him like Day One. I don’t even know when Day 1 is because I feel like I have loved this person even before I was born.

It’s beautiful!

I used to be sexually active before and now I have been Celibate for almost two years. Who does that?

There is so much I can share but thanks for the question!


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Stay Blessed!

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