My Twin Flame asked me for space because he claims talking to me makes him feel bad. I am a bit confused now. Why would he say that?

This is what I said to my Twin Flame because I felt overwhelmed by the feelings and emotions that he triggers within me. I told him that I would block him out of my life. I hurt him when I said this.

In response, he said that it was best for “everyone” if we did not talk. He was so hurt by my words — at the same time I told him that I love him.

I tried to block him out of my life and at the same time told him my feelings made him feel confused and uncomfortable.

It has been a back and forth of an emotional rollercoaster with this Twin Flame journey.

It is alright if they need space.

I could have found better words to use to ask my Twin Flame for space but I just exploded my feelings in his inbox and it was all emotionally messy.

It is very difficult to stay away from a Twin Flame but you will eventually feel okay without them.

Of course, you think of your Twin Flame every second of the day but you get used to it as well.

Stay Blessed!

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