What are the Twin Flame Love Lessons?

  • Self-love: You get exhausted from feeling unworthy of love. This is the first phase of surrender. You let the universe control your situation and you choose to be yourself. Being yourself is not very easy because you face all the parts of yourself even those that you thought were unlovable. You dig deeper within yourself to embrace the broken parts begging from the core.

Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

On the Twin Flame journey, how do you know that you are going through the right experiences?

  • You embrace and heal your inner child. Embarking on self-love is a very overwhelming experience because you feel the fear of feeling vulnerable within because you deal with your ego as well. The beauty with self-love is that the first step is the most difficult but once you overcome the fear of loving yourself, the next steps make you feel better about your situation because you only feel happier by the results from thereon. True happiness begins from within and you cannot know unconditional love until you show it to yourself. Self-love is indeed the greatest revolution.
  • Faith & Trust in your Twin Flame Connection: Twin Flame Separation is an Illusion because no matter what you do — chase or run from your Twin Flame, you feel the connection eating at you. You feel the coiling energetic entanglement. You feel weird because of your energy within your changes after you meet your Twin Flame. You feel like you are a different person ever since you met because you no longer feel alone. It is very difficult moving on from a Twin Flame because you feel their essence merging with theirs and it does not matter how far you are separated from each other. Your life starts to revolve around your Twin Flame situation. You are always thinking of them and your inner emotional status changes because your moods are affected by your shared energy. Sometimes even though you feel happy, your Twin Flame can send sad feelings to you and you instantly feel the mood swings.
  • Lessons of True Love: After you physically separate from your Twin Flame, you think that it is over! Somehow I felt relieved that once we stopped talking to each other, it somehow would make me stop feeling the connection and my life would go back to how it was before I met him. I thought that the bond would fade like the past love relationships I experienced. After my heart had been broken before from the past love relationships, I knew that I would get over my Twin Flame. I was wrong because everything escalated — the emotions I felt became chaotic, I missed him all the time, my thoughts were constantly racing towards him and most of all, the connection intensified and I started challenging different chaotic feelings. The shock of separation from him threw me into a Spiritual Awakening and I realized that our connection was SPECIAL. I started to research my situation and I finally discovered who Twin Flames are.

In essence, the Twin Flame run/chase phase is a purpose in itself.

Stay Blessed!

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