What is Running and Chasing for Twin Flames?

It took me over a year to understand the dynamics of the “chasing & running phase” and from my experiences, the purpose is rooted in the energetic balancing process. The physical aspect of the run or chase phase is excruciating because it is confusing, stressful and chaotic whether you are labeled as a Chaser or runner.

In essence, once you find your center as a Twin Flame, you cease to feel like the runner or chaser because it all comes down to embracing the shared energetic oneness with your Twin Flame.

I believe the run or chase phase is also a blessing in disguise because no matter how frustrating it is for Twin Flames to be away from each other, it allows them the opportunity to contemplate the situation.

The Twin Flame Experience is very surprising to both Twin Flames and the more you advance further on your journey, you begin to understand that it was best, after all, to be away from each other temporarily because the connection only intensifies and you feel it grow within you.

For me, the Connection to my Twin Flame has evolved the more I accept how I feel and embrace our shared energy.

Your Twin Flame never leaves you because you always feel each other’s energy as an ebb and flow.

You feel your oneness all the time and the more you resist the connection, the more restless you feel.

Whether you are labeling yourself as a runner or Chaser, Twin Flames always Desire to be together because of the oneness. Nothing can sever the connection and yet even though you are physically separated, you are always thinking of each other.

Stay Blessed!

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