What signs does the twin flame runner receive from the universe during separation as a reminder about their twin?

I could see his eyes when I closed mine — his essence never left me. I could feel his energy pulling at mine and sometimes I could feel his longing and pain.
I lost a taste for food. The more resistance I put up against feeling the connection, the numb and disconnected I felt to everything. I felt disconnected from within, and to everyone around me.

How often do you think of your Twin Flame?

I was constantly thinking of him. I craved solitude a lot because I was also going through spiritual ascension. I could remember the memories that we made and how much happiness we bring to each other.

I tried to date others but it was impossible — I couldn’t see in their eyes the magic that I see in my Twin Flame. I sometimes didn’t want to look in anyone’s eyes because it didn’t give me as much satisfaction as my Twin Flame does.

During the physical separation phase from my Twin Flame, I was bombarded with signs that constantly reminded me of him.

I could see his name everywhere or his birthday digits. I could get bombarded by signs of him everywhere. I was haunted by him.

Stay Blessed!

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