What makes twin flames’ physical intimacy so unique? After twin flames make love, is there a shift?

Soul intimacy makes a difference. The physical bonding and intimacy is just the icing on the cake because a Twin Flame Union is initiated or sparked right at the time Twin Flames meet and it is Soul deep that you feel like you make love to each other in the Soul whether you are in each other’s vicinity or separated by continents.

When you meet your Twin Flame physically, you keep merging energetically until you feel the Oneness. You begin to operate as a single energetic unit.

Soul intimacy is intensified every time Twin Flames look in each other’s eyes. You can see each other’s soul — this is also how Twin Flames affirm the authenticity of their bond.

After you see the truth of your connection in your Twin Flam’s eyes, nothing can phase you during physical separation because you do not doubt that they love you unconditionally.

When I hug my Twin Flame, the world seems to fall away. I feel immense peace and bliss — I get lost in his energy.

Holding his hand feels so right and natural. You can feel the oneness with your Twin Flame when you have any sort of physical contact.

When you are physically separated from your Twin Flame, you are constantly thinking of each other — I keep daydreaming about making love to him. Sometimes I get pulled into moments astral Sexual feelings — I think sometimes it is him thinking of being intimate with me.

I will be reuniting with my Twin Flame after being apart for over two years.
I already know how it feels to have soul intimacy with him and I feel comfortable enough to think of our physical intimacy. It feels as if I have already done EVERYTHING with him.

I will let you know how it goes after we physically merge.