How do you feel as a Twin Flame Chaser when the Runner makes an attempt to return?

Calmness washes over you. Suddenly, you watch your wildest dreams come true. You realize that all that desperation that you had previously was not of any significance at all.

You feel the fairness in life. You realize that you deserve happiness as much as everyone else.

You feel like you grow wings to fly – You suddenly know how angels feel when they have wings to fly.

You realize that all the frustration and pain of understanding True Love were worth it because a Twin Flame love is way beyond special. There are no particular words, to sum up, the experience.

After you meet your Twin Flame, you understand lessons of Forgiveness, True Love, Unconditional Love, Self-forgiveness, Self-love and most of all, FREEDOM.

When the runner Twin Flame returns, your HEAVEN begins as a Chaser.

You trust the divine to keep them around – You want to be with them still but you know that you must have control of the LOVE that you feel because you do not want to scare them off.

All in all, you want your Twin Flame to stay FOREVER!!!.

Stay Blessed.

Stay Blessed!