What happens when the chaser stops chasing their Twin Flame and focuses on themselves?

It has been almost three years and I chased him for over a year. Even over these past few years, I would send him random messages to check in on him. I have only been lucky a couple of times when he responds to me but with very few words. He usually sends his messages through our mutual friend instead of addressing me directly.

The reason why I kept the faith in the Twin Flame connection even though my Twin Flame was not talking to me is that he never denied how he feels for me. I always knew it in my heart that as long as we both walked the earth, we can never be happy with anyone else but each other. Apart from the affirmation that he loves me, the deep bond keeps growing within me each day. I feel the Soul intimacy and the oneness that we share.

Before I became the chaser, I ran from him at first because I was very overwhelmed by my feelings for him. I could not understand why I felt so strongly towards him without any of my control, and I could not stop thinking of him daily.

When I tried to block him out of my life, the intensity of the connection became more unbearable. I thought that having him out of my life would make it easier but I longed for him more than before. I missed him so much that it gave me a physical heartache. I felt my soul pull at his, and I was craving to be reunited with him.

I started chasing him because I wanted to apologize for trying to block him out of my life but I had already made the situation complicated and I knew that I had ruined our friendship. I was feeling very sad and guilty for hurting him.

The further I chased him, the more he seemed to run from me and our communication became very estranged. It also felt like I was the one interested in confronting the situation since my Twin Flame was unresponsive to my messages.

I was so exhausted from chasing him, and the relationship seemed like it was unrequited love. I felt like it was one-sided.

Once I pulled back my energy from chasing him, I focused on loving myself and bringing more light into my life.

Surrendering and letting go of the chase was not easy at first but every time I focused on loving myself, I felt good. I wanted more of it, and as I kept embracing Self-love, my life became better. Eventually, I felt empowered to trust divine timing and I completely let my Twin Flame have his space.

Once I found healing, I realized that I did not have to chase my Twin Flame because I never felt separated from him in the Soul. Since the day we separated, his essence keeps merging with mine, and I feel the oneness every day.

It has been almost 3 years, and we started talking again. It has been through patience, and trust in the connection that has enabled us to get to this phase of our connection. I am keeping our conversations light, and if he does not respond further along this new stage, I will let him have his space until he is ready to confront the situation.

You finally find healing and inner harmony as you progress on your Twin Flame journey. I know how confusing the experiences are when you are new to the Twin Flame journey, please check out more of my book resources for your inspiration.

Stay Blessed.