What are the different ways to accept your Twin Flame situation?

  • Accept that life will never be the same again after you met your Twin Flame. Once the alchemical change in your life is triggered by your Twin Flame encounter, you know within yourself that everything will change beginning with yourself. You feel yourself transforming for the best to become your authentic self by embarking on journey self-love and rediscovery. Apart from feeling the change within you, your life changes too to match the inner energetic vibration that you share with your Twin Flame. You change your friends, family relations, living situations, your work, etc. Some Twin Flames are empowered to geographically relocate to be with their Twin Flames and others change their religion and cultural beliefs.
  • Trust the love you feel for your Twin Flame to be real. Trust that you deserve to feel as happy the way your Twin Flame makes you feel. Believe that you deserve unconditional love – and have faith that all your dreams will come true to finally be together with your Twin Flame. The Twin Flame journey gets lonely, and sometimes it is easier to believe that your Twin Flame forgot about you. You start doubting the authenticity of your connection and you end up trying to sever the bond but nothing can separate Twin Flames because you are one in the soul. It is much easier to trust in your journey and keep moving forward in hope of a harmonious relationship in the future.
  • Let unconditional love absorb you. Keep your heart open to receive and send unconditional love to your Twin Flame. This was very difficult for me at first, and I put on an inner resistance to accepting love because I had never been loved unconditionally before I met my Twin Flame. Feeling love leaves you vulnerable and it is also a very scary feeling. Unconditional love is what drives the Twin Flame connection, and the more you keep an open heart, the more healing you invite into your life.

Stay Blessed!