How do I show my Twin Flame I have interest in him without coming on too hard?

Well, you will always feel yourself coming on too hard when it comes to telling your Twin Flame how you feel. The emotions are too big to express and you never feel like you have the right words to talk to them.

For me, when we physically separated from each other, I did not know what had come over me. I was very surprised that I was feeling all the intense emotions for him yet the situation was very awkward for both of us.

When we met, I was still married and I had no expectations of the future with him.

The Twin Flame journey catches you by surprise and things escalate from thereon. Everything that happens is surprising and you also realize that you have been in love before but not like this.
You must be on the same page with your Twin Flame because doubt can drive you further apart.

I had to tell him how I feel — and when I did, I scared him off because my emotions were all over the place.
We both felt uncomfortable afterward but our relationship has improved recently that a reunion is near.

Apart from feeling the emotional stress of missing your Twin Flame and the pain that comes with separation anxiety, you always wonder if your Twin Flame loves you as much as you love them.

No one in the world can understand how you feel but only your Twin Flame and no matter how many people you try to tell how you feel, you never feel understood and acknowledged the way your Twin Flame understands you.

Thing is once you are physically separated, you miss communicating with your Twin Flame while you look in each other’s eyes.
Soon or later, you will figure out how to express yourself.

Stay Blessed.