What are the Signs that your Twin Flame is thinking of you?

Apart from the intense telepathic communication that grows when you meet the first time, you are constantly thinking of your Twin Flame whether they are in the same room with you or during physical separation.

Your soul keeps remembering how they make you feel. You remember how they see you and you realize that they bring light into your grey miserable life. Your Twin Flame rekindles the fire within you that was rather dying out and they inspire you to have a reason to live a happy meaningful life.

When your Twin Flame is thinking of you, you always know it because you feel the energetic pulling at your heart.

When you resist the energetic pulling that you feel within, you feel irritated by anything that you do, and you always feel as if you are hiding from part of yourself. The Chaser Pain: How do you let go and have inner peace as you wait for your Twin Flame Reunion.

You feel restless and hopeless – these are some of the feelings felt by the runner Twin Flame.

Secondly, you feel your heart warm up with feelings of love when your Twin Flame is having good thoughts of you. Twin Flame Fun Facts: do you know this?

You feel the very intense euphoric feeling that you know are coming from them. If you were feeling sad previously, receiving warm euphoric feelings from your Twin Flame makes you happy and you instantly feel a tweak in your energetic vibration changing from feeling sad to high positive vibrations. Questions about the Runner; Answers to the most burning questions

Sometimes you feel sexually aroused when your Twin Flame is thinking of being intimate with you. You feel as if they are being intimate with you in the physical.

Twin Flames have a Soul Intimacy that originates from the source of their shared soul. This is also the reason why you find it difficult to date others after you meet your Twin Flame because the Soul Intimacy that you have with each other always consumes you on a daily.

I am always thinking of making love with my Twin Flame, and even though I tried to move on and date others, nothing could come close to how my Twin Flame makes me feel. Hugging him feels comfortable and very fulfilling. His presence completes me, and I feel safe.

The most obvious way to tell that your Twin Flame is thinking of you is the physical heartache. Sometimes you can feel like your heart is breaking into two when you feel their longing because they miss you. For me, I get intense heart palpitations that I can barely function for over an hour.

Sometimes when the pressure from the energetic share is too much, I get physically ill that I throw up to release the pressure.

Twin Flame Chaser Healing; Free your Soul.

Stay Blessed.

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