How do you feel when you are in the phase of Physical Separation from a Twin Flame?

When you are at the beginning of the physical separation phase with your Twin Flame, you get worried about their indefinite absence. As you progress further on your journey, it is a painful life without your Twin Flame. You sometimes wish that you never met them because the longing, and desire to physically merge only intensifies yet you have no control of when your Twin Flame will return.

As time goes by, you learn to live with the loneliness and embrace your Twin Flame experience. You realize that you have the inner strength to control how you feel for your Twin Flame even though you constantly miss being with them and you are always thinking of how happy they make you feel.

Thoughts of your twin Flame soothe you on a daily because you are comforted by the euphoric feelings that come to you when you remember their eyes and their smile. A Twin Flame brings peace, harmony, and balance into your life. You realize a deeper meaning to your life than before and you realize the purpose of your life. Feeling like you have a purpose in life drives you to feel empowered to achieve your wildest dreams.

On a daily, you remember your Twin Flame, and you learn to live with the energetic share that you feel within you. You feel like your Twin Flame never left you because you feel the Oneness. You feel as if you are two people connected as One Single Energetic Unit.

Sometimes you wonder if your Twin Flame will ever return to you. You wonder if the encounter was realized and sometimes you doubt the connection because you have no other way to see it. You wonder if you were deluding yourself in the first place or maybe you were being obsessed.

Doubting your Twin Flame connection brings so much emotional desolation within you and you feel as you are disconnected from within. When you are in a doubtful mood, you feel like you are denying a part of yourself who is your Twin Flame.

The only way to try and resist the Twin Flame connection is by blocking thoughts of your Twin Flame. You try to deny the fact that you feel them within you and every time a thought races towat=rds them, you resist it.
You try not to dream and when you are alone, you try to keep yourself busy so that you have no time to reminisce about your Twin Flame situation.

The more you resist feelings and thoughts of your Twin Flame, it grows the intense feelings of longing within your Soul.

You can mentally try to block out your Twin Flame but you can not stop the Oneness that you feel with your Twin Flame because your Soul keeps yearning to be reunited with its divine partner.

When there is a conflict between your Soul and your mind, the heartaches more with longing and intense sadness. You grow a void within you that can only be filled with your Twin Flame love.

This kind of emotional agony is what the Twin Flame runner feels when they try to deny the connection to their Twin Flame. You have no peace if you resist how you feel.

When I denied my Twin Flame connection at first, I felt very restless and hopeless. Life was very meaningless to me and I lost passion for anything exciting.

Every day after you meet your Twin Flame becomes about your Twin Flame situation. You are constantly haunted by thoughts of your Twin Flame and the Spiritual Awakening takes over your life.

You eventually learn to Surrender and let your Twin Flame leave their life without you but deep down, you are praying and hoping to be reunited again. You dream of that fateful day when they will hold you and never let you go. You fantasize about your future and hope that everything works in your favor.

Missing your Twin Flame never stops and you are lucky if you have great days where you don’t feel the heartache but your daily routines are affected by the intensity of the mood swings from missing your Twin Flame.

Apart from feeling your Twin Flame’s energy within you, you go through a series of self-transformation so that you can evolve as an authentic being. Transformation is gradual and happens over a time that you have no control over.

Change becomes the only constant in your life; You realize that life as you know it is gone and nothing will ever be the same again once you meet your Twin Flame.

Once you trust the divine – let divine timing take over your life. You trust that whatever happens, you know how it feels to know great love. You are one of the lucky few who know the meaning of happiness when you love someone unconditionally.

Whatever is yours, will always come back to you!

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