What if your Twin Flame is Married and they want to leave their marriage so that you can be together but their Husband or Wife still Loves them?

It gets very complicated when you meet your Twin Flame but you are still in a committed relationship. 

It has been 3 years since I met my Twin Flame and it is still awkward to front the nature of our connection because I was previously married to his friend. We did not want our connection to get in the way of their friendship because they had been friends for over 18 years.

My Twin Flame told me that he wants to be friends with my ex-husband and it is best for everyone if we did not talk. 

The most difficult experience is trying to bottle up the feelings that you have for someone especially if they are your Twin Flame because whether they are married or not, it does not stop the longing that your soul feels to be reunited with them.

Because of the respect that my Twin Flame has for my ex-husband, I have been friends with my ex-husband too. I have never told him about my Twin Flame experiences but I have made sure over the past two years that our divorce did not create a rift between us.

When I met my Twin Flame, I had no idea that I would have a deep bond with someone else who is not my husband. I was very surprised that I loved him unconditionally and accepted him as if he was a lost love from a past lifetime. The uncanny familiarity that I feel with my Twin Flame is unbelievable. I feel like he will always be my eternal best friend no matter how far we are separated from each other.

When I met my Twin Flame, I was not in any need to have a relationship with him and I did not know that he would be the most important person in my life but my Soul had recognized its perfect match.

I knew that my life was about to change after I met my Twin Flame. I knew that I was lost and he was my home no matter how much I resisted the intense bond with him at first.

I realized that I was not happy in my marriage and I was the one trying to make things work. I was exhausted from trying to make my marriage seem perfect to my friends, and relatives. I was afraid of facing the truth that I needed to let go of what was not working.

We had our marital issues two years before I met my Twin Flame and I was afraid of what society would think if I decided to divorce. 

Time cam when I was doing everything for others but not for my happiness. When I was alone, I was always sad because I felt lost. I had no friends to confide in and I felt isolated from everyone else.

My Twin Flame showed me to embrace who I am. He loved me unconditionally and it made me realize that I was suppressing myself so that I could please my friends, my relatives, my parents, and everyone in my life. Unconditional love from him healed me from within and I embraced my insecurities and fears. For the first time in my life, I felt completely happy because I was living my life from authenticity.

When we physically separated three years ago, I was inspired by the connection and the unconditional love that I feel for him to embrace self-love, change and embark on a journey of rediscovering my authentic self.

We have had estranged communication but I have told him how I feel countless times even though it scares him away when I voice my feelings for him. He said that I make him feel very uncomfortable. Nonetheless, he knows how I feel for him because he is the greatest love of my life and I know that I will never have another.

It is very interesting how my Twin Flame said that we should not talk for the best of everyone but he pops up back once in a while to check in on me through our mutual friend.

I do not know what our future looks like with my Twin Flame but I trust that our love is too great to pass on. I know that there is a greater reason why I met him when I did. 

All the challenges that I have overcome during this Twin Flame journey have taught me lessons of unconditional love. I have learned to trust how I feel for my Twin Flame, and I have faith in unconditional love. 

I miss him every second of the day and it never gets easier because I feel the love growing intensely and strongly every day. I have no control over how I feel for him because it is natural to me.

Sometimes when the intensity of the connection is faint, I miss it. I feel disconnected from within if I ignore the Oneness that I feel with my Twin Flame. 

Feeling connected over these 3 years of not seeing him has been my solace especially when I intensely longed for him. I could embrace the euphoric feelings of love within my heart and think of how happy he makes me feel.

There is nothing greater than a Twin Flame love, and you can overcome any obstacle in the way of a harmonious relationship so that you can be together again.

Believe in your connection.

Stay Blessed.

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