Why is my Wife leaving me for her Twin Flame?

When I got to know my Twin Flame, automatically my feelings, emotions and sexual desire for my husband became platonic. These feelings were replaced with a soul craving to find the truth in everything.

It had nothing to do with “romantic feelings” or “sexual attraction” – No! It was just a soul truth that the life I was currently living was not authentic. I was patching up life hoping that it could hold for all those years trying so hard to be and feel COMPLETE within myself.

I started to judge the perspective that I had towards life, I could feel creeping doubts and fears and anxieties in me that I couldn’t explain for as long as I could remember. I felt lost in life and blind to myself.

Somehow I had become these things that I don’t like and I was living Life just to be “comfortable”. This whole truth woke me up and snapped me back to reality.

There was no beginning, middle or end to the connection that grew between my Twin and I. It was just what it is, pure bliss, comfort, peace, and safety. We both thought that it was just a genuine friendship full of respect, trust, and acceptance. We just had each other’s backs even more than best friends do for each other.

What pushed me to grow feelings of separation from my husband was the abrupt accelerated “Spiritual Awakening” that came over me. I started craving to transform my life.

Before I met my Twin Flame, I could wake up with feelings of helplessness, anxiety, and life felt meaningless to a certain degree. I could ask my husband then, what is the meaning of Life? Is this it, just breathing?

This was all happening just because a light was growing inside of me that felt way different from what was normal. This soul-cleansing was pushing me to clean, purge, and cleanse my soul.

I was craving for pure change for the better. Life was never the same again for me. This changed my vibration with my husband. Anything false I could not accept. I felt like I had shifted to a new frequency and he had no “interest” to rise with me. He was comfortable where he was with his Life.

I decided to end our marriage without dragging my Twin Soul into the chaos.
I have no expectations from Life but to be a better human every day and do something better with the new me!

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