Why does the Chaser need to chase their Divine counterpart?

Chasing is not a need, it’s a reaction to being rejected by someone you love the most, the other part of your Soul who is your Twin Flame. What shocked my Soul the most was that I did not expect him to shut me out as abruptly as he did without any warning — so I chased him further for more clarification for his behavior of ignoring me. Deep down from within, I was so sure of my truth that my Twin Flame is the ONE — I have been looking for him all my life.

The other reason why I chased my Twin Flame was because of the intensity of the Telepathy and Energy Share that exists between us — In physical separation, I could feel his feelings and emotions in me every single day. Since the first day we met, both our energy has always merged into each other; it has been two years since we last saw each other but our energy has completely merged as “One Single Energetic Unit”.

Every day the connection gets more intense and stronger as time goes by during the physical separation phase between my Twin Flame and I. Sometimes when I stopped chasing him — this is when I was struggling to Surrender; he would pop up back in my life with a brief physical contact through a mutual friend or he would send a simple text message and sometimes he would “like” one of my social media posts, but then soon after that, he would run away again and I would chase him more.

As time went on, I realized that every time I tried to Surrender and stop chasing my Twin Flame, it would trigger him into chasing me. Every time I tried to withdraw from our connection, he would respond with trying to make contact in reality.

I did not have a support group who understood what a Twin Flame experience is and I could not confide in my close friends during my Twin Flame journey. There are moments when I needed to open up to my friends about this, they thought that I was crazy to still believe that my Twin Flame still cared for me especially if he was not talking to me directly. To some of them, I sounded Crazy. I had nowhere else to turn for comfort, and I felt like there was no better place in the world to be other than in the arms of my Twin Flame.

It’s been two years since I started this Twin Flame Journey, and I surrendered after one year of experiencing agony, emotional confusion, anger, and frustration because I didn’t understand exactly what was happening to me. Meeting my Twin Flame triggered my Soul into a Spiritual awakening that required me to create so much positive change in my life but I had to experience a “Dark Night of the Soul” period — I had to face all that emotional pain and fear that was lodged within me.

Later, along this Twin Flame Journey, I realized that chasing my Twin Flame at the beginning of our physical separation was necessary to give me some Soul Lessons to learn about the fear of being and to face my insecurities — the neediness to feel loved by Twin Flame.

Chasing is frustrating, hurtful and it pushes you to look deeper within yourself at your insecurities. It takes a special kind of Unconditional Twin Flame Love to inspire you to have the courage to face your deepest darkest fears and the pain within yourself.

Stay Blessed.

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