Can both Twin Flames be “awakened” and aware of the connection yet still stay in separation?

Yes, in my case, it was my marriage situation that created the distance between us and physical distance because we come from different continents.

For the three weeks that I was gifted with to meet my Twin Flame is the best time of my life; I replay in my mind every moment we spent together. I remember how I feel in their presence and I keep wondering why I never hugged him tighter.

I wish I knew about Twin Flames by then; I could have prepared myself for the experience.

Being married for five to his friend of 20 years, my Twin Flame was torn. He respects his friend so much yet he could not stay away from me.

I could catch him staring at me with so much admiration from across the room. Even if the room was packed with people, I could feel his stare.

If he took a day without seeing me, he would not break the look in my eyes. He could speak to me with his eyes.

He promised that he would find a way back to me and I still trust. But, we have not been in direct communication for two years now.

After we physically separated, I told him about my feelings. He said it was best for everybody if we did not talk.

I divorced, single and loving life!

After this letter to him, my Twin Flame chose not to speak to me again. He said it was best for everyone if we did not keep up with any communication and that was the last time he responded to my emails.

I was briefly relieved when my Twin Flame suggested that we should not talk, and then it hit me that I had messed up the most authentic relationship that I ever had. I panicked further wondering if my Twin Flame would ever forgive me.

I was avoiding hurting my Twin Flame but my choice of words and actions to separate hurt him more. I regretted not preparing my choice of words, and I wished that I had a second opportunity to fix the situation.

Life became darker for me after that and I encountered the night of the soul.

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