Do Twin Flames stop missing each other and being in Love?

For my experience, the love keeps becoming purer and purer as the more both my Twin Flame and I keep learning and growing from our Soul Lessons.

When we had first separated physically, it was total emotional turmoil because of the intensity of the feelings and emotions. As time has gone on for two years now, I have healed within myself, therefore, I feel the love connection strongly more than before.

This process of change that I have gone through has transformed me into a being who has the self-power to embody that unconditional love with my Twin Flame. I can freely embody our Twin Flame shared energy without fear. I am free and ready to embody unconditional love.

The love in our connection grows better every day into being unconditional, and overflowing infinitely.

There is no stopping the love on this journey; it has been the driving force for all my healing.

Matter of fact, love is becoming uncontainable even if I have not physically been in the company of my Twin Flame for two years. I love my Twin Flame every day since the day I found him.

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