How do you cope with the pain of missing your Twin Flame every day?

Keep yourself busy, and love yourself unconditionally. Sometimes keeping yourself busy is not enough when you are in pain and missing your Twin Flame. Sometimes you cannot even get motivated to do anything or get out of bed to carry on with your daily routines.

Let me hope that I can inspire you with a change in perspective:

Believe that you are One with your Twin Flame; this is a truth, that is why you feel connected. Having feelings of separation increases and intensifies your pain of missing your Twin Flame, therefore, it is important to keep believing your Oneness with your Twin Flame.

When you accept that your Twin Flame will never leave you, it eases your pain because this change in perspective empowers you to focus on other things and activities in your life like loving yourself and finding a purposeful life mission.
Think Positive

For me, I started creating positive mental affirmations after I accepted that I will never be separated from my Twin Flame. I started to think of union and how amazing it will feel to be reunited once again.

Every time the pain of separation kicked in, I could just lament on the positive affirmations; and as time passed, positivity became my natural state. This shifted my energy out of the negativity and it empowered me to keep working on myself.

It is painful I know being separated from the other half of your soul. This phase too shall pass, and you will feel better.

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