How do you feel when your Twin Flame never initiates contact or communication?

Communication between Twin Flames gets estranged when neither of the Twin Flames is willing to either initiate contact or communicate with their divine counterpart.

Communication becomes estranged because of the obstacles that would be getting in the way.

My Twin Flame told me that it was best for “everybody” if we did not talk but I still wonder what he meant because I feel free to talk to him and I always reach out to him.

It is very easy to assume that your Twin Flame does not love you but the truth is that they miss you and think of you as much as you think of them and they miss you as much as you miss them.

Twin Flames love each other unconditionally and no matter what gets in the way of their relationship, they are always desiring to be together.

Soon or later, they figure out a way to get back to each other.

Apart from going through the challenging process of managing the separation anxiety, Twin Flames experience communication blockages.

They go through estranged communication phases and it is heartbreaking when your Twin Flame ignores you.

You sometimes wonder if you are being obsessed with your Twin Flame because of unreciprocated love.

It gets more complicated emotionally when your Twin Flame does not wish you a happy birthday or if they do not get in touch during the special holidays.

Your Twin Flame brings meaning to your life and it is very excruciating living life without them.

Twin Flames are like god-sent angels who bring unconditional life in your life and help you bring the broken parts of your soul together.

They are the missing piece of the puzzle. They are locks to your keys.

Stay Blessed.

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  1. My DM hardly ever initiates communication , it is left up to me. I do feel him intensely and sexually so I know he wants me to make contact. He will sometimes respond but not always. It is very upsetting and frustrating. There is no obvious reason why he is so held back unless he has lied about his life situation or he doesn’t want a connection with me in the 3D and is content with our 5D relationship.

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