What if you meet your Twin Flame but they are still in a relationship with a Karmic Partner?

This is the most heartbreaking experience when you find your Twin Flame but they could be already committed to someone else. Twin Flame Chaser Healing; Free your Soul.

Sometimes it gets complicated when you are both in relationships with other people or if you are both married. On the Twin Flame journey, how do you know that you are going through the right experiences?

Just because you are in a relationship with someone else does not mean that it will sever your bond with your Twin Flame.

Twin Flame blockages exist like having a karmic partner to teach you hardcore lessons of unconditional love.

Every time you watch your Twin Flame in a relationship with someone else, the pain eats at your soul. You feel your heart breaking into pieces and nothing can calm down the intensity of the longing to be together. Questions about the Runner; Answers to the most burning questions

It is more excruciating when your Twin Flame seems happy with someone else. It makes you wonder if they forgot about your special connection and left you alone. The Chaser Pain: How do you let go and have inner peace as you wait for your Twin Flame Reunion.

You wonder if your Twin Flame was faking the connection because they tend to ignore you by running away and hiding behind a new relationship.

Sometimes you feel stuck in your old relationship yet you want to move on and be in a relationship with your Twin Flame. Happy Family: Baby Registry for the best gifts.

When you meet your Twin Flame, all you want is to merge your life with theirs but it gets complicated if you are already committed to marriage with children or if you have complicated relationship ties involving businesses and extended family.

On the other hand, if your Twin Flame is unhappy but committed to a relationship, it makes you unhappy too.

You must have restraint when you try to intervene in your Twin Flame’s life. Wedding Registry: Make your day memorable and special.

Usually, the best solution is to stay away from your Twin Flame – physical separation is essential to a Twin Flame relationship and creates breathing room for both Twin Flames to reconsider the dynamics of their journey.

Staying away from a Twin Flame temporarily relieves the stress of the intensity of the connection.

Stay Blessed!

2 thoughts on “What if you meet your Twin Flame but they are still in a relationship with a Karmic Partner?

  1. In my case I am widowed and he says he is divorced and not with anyone else, yet we still do not come together. He has not told me all or hardly anything and I have always been the one that has been forthcoming and expressive of my love for him. I am giving him his space which is heart breaking for me.

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    1. I know your frustration and I completely understand your pain. I had to change and free myself so that I could be with him but he is also being distant. I believe that if your Twin Flame does not resolve their inner issues, they will always feel distant whether you are together or not. I guess this is the test of unconditional love. Thank you so much for sharing! ❤ Sending you Blessings and Light. 🙂

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