Do you feel it when your Twin Flame is thinking of you?

I had a very stressful day yesterday because I could feel my Twin Flame pull me into the connection without my control.

I could feel his essence continuously merge with mine and my heart area on the left side of my chest felt warm.

I could not focus on anything, and I decided to open my heart to the connection to let the euphoric feelings absorb me.

I was restless all day and I constantly was thinking of him.

Today has been different because I feel him and the intensity of the longing for him increases daily but I have managed to stay grounded in my harmony.

I know that I will always feel him and the connection but I am learning to have my happiness whether I long for him or not.

You have to keep living a happy life whether your Twin Flame comes back to you or not.

The Twin Flame connection keeps growing within you but you must focus your energy on something meaningful.

Do not resist how you feel. Embrace all the thoughts and feelings because you cannot control any aspect of the journey.

Stay Blessed!

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