What is Twin Flame Surrender?

I must admit that I forced myself to surrender at first because I wanted to feel free of the stress of chasing my Twin Flame.

Nothing seemed to bring me peace, and it took a while for me to learn to have no expectations at all.

I was used to having control of every aspect of my life and Surrender required me to trust the divine and let go of any stress that I was experiencing because I desperately wanted to talk to my Twin Flame.

Even when you Surrender, you still miss your Twin Flame every second of the day, you dream about them and you constantly long to physically be with them.

When you Surrender, you feel freedom within your soul and you trust that everything will eventually be alright.

Surrendering to your Twin Flame journey does not bring your Twin Flame back but it is for you to find inner harmony and peace.

The Twin Flame journey is much easier to manage when you find your inner energetic grounding.

There is not much you can do to control your Twin Flame behavior but you can control how you respond to your situation.

Stay Blessed!

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