How intense does your heartache get when you cry after your Twin Flame?

Ha! The Twin Flame heartache! 

I always hold my chest when I cry about missing my Twin Flame. Sometimes, it gets very unbearable that I physically get a heartache that I hold on the left side of my heart.

I can not tell you how excruciating it is when I miss my Twin Flame. Life becomes very unbearable that I feel hopeless and restless.

Sometimes my heart area warms up and it feels like a burning sensation. 

Sometimes I deliberately send love feelings to him in my heart hoping that he would receive them.

I have learned over these three years to keep my heart open whenever I feel like I am receiving love feelings from him.

Missing a Twin Flame feels like you are missing a limb. It is like life is meaningless. 

After you experience the intense love feelings from your Twin Flame, all you want is authentic love. 

All your fake friends, you let them go because they do not vibrate at the same wavelength as you do.

Stay Blessed!

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