What happens when the Twin Flame Chaser Surrenders?

You feel peaceful if you are the chaser. You wonder why you were stressing about your Twin Flame experience. You relax, let go and let divine timing take control.

Sometimes you think that when you Surrender, your Twin Flame will come back but not directly. You have no control over your Twin Flame’s return and that is okay.

You grow and become a better person. All the love lessons that you are afraid of learning eventually happen to you and you realize that you are stronger than you thought before.

You start to pave your way without your Twin Flame.

Once you Surrender and let your Twin Flame be, you realize that the essence of the Twin Flame journey is rooted in your self-growth and personal empowerment.

You do not automatically feel empowered when you Surrender but as you progress further, you learn to feel strong within.

Stay Blessed.

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