How do your feelings and emotions change once you meet your Twin Flame?

For me, once we first locked our gazes, I got lost in his eyes. I could see his soul and he saw mine. For three seconds, I was lost in our energetic bubble and my heartfelt a shift as my Soul recognized my Twin Flame. I felt the tweak in my heart and I started feeling the emotional chaos from thereon.

I was caught off-guard and I felt the battle within myself as my mind and Soul conflicted with each other. My mind could not understand why I felt connected to a Stranger, and I felt an uncanny familiarity towards him as if I knew my Twin Flame from another life.

After our Souls recognized each other, my heart started beating faster than before and I kept thinking of how I felt when I looked in my Twin Flame’s eyes.

It also felt natural to be around my Twin Flame because of the shared energetic vibration that we share. You always feel your Twin Flame’s essence merging into yours because of the Oneness in the Soul.

Acknowledging my Twin Flame also triggered a Soul Awakening. I wanted to rediscover the authentic version of myself. I wanted to feel free within myself to love myself and to live a life of authenticity.

Unconditional love from my Twin Flame inspired me to embrace every part of me that I thought was unlovable and I also was empowered to face my fears and insecurities by embracing and nurturing my inner child.

Once you meet your Twin Flame, you feel whole and safe – you want to live the rest of your life like that.

But, there is no going back to your old life because once you meet your Twin Flame, you like your energy merges into theirs whether you are together or apart from each other.

Every day of your life becomes about you and your Twin Flame experience and the connection evolves into the Oneness that you already are in the Soul.

Soon or later, you wind up together because the attraction is natural.

Stay Blessed.

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