What are some ways to manage the Intense Heart pulling from a Twin Flame?

I was so desperate and in pain because the pull from my Twin Flame was so strong that it gave me a physical heartache sometimes. One time, I held the left side of my chest as I sobbed the sadness out of my system.

I feel healed now, and I am in total harmony within myself but that pull from my Twin Flame sometimes catches me off guard.

Here are some things that I do when I feel that intense pull from my Twin Flame.

Journaling about the state of your emotions and feelings:

I type my feelings away for over 30 minutes to an hour every time I feel the energy pull or the heartaches. I always feel like I am chatting with him, ad this decreases the intensity of the pain.

Me Time:

I declare Quality Time whenever I feel low in energy — I do all the simple things that I love to as I simplify my daily tasks. Take a long bath, give yourself a body scrub, read a book or watch your favorite Television Show ease your mind.

Share your Experience in a support group:

Answering a question related to what you are experiencing releases the stress, and you never know who would be inspiring in the process of sharing. Look for online communities that have people who are experiencing the Twin Flame Journey, or you can create your support group with Twin Flames in your neighborhood or community. It is not very easy to find people who have been through the Twin Flame journey but you can begin by interactive with a Blog that inspires Twin Flames and share your experiences.

Meditate, and Embrace Solitude:

I take over 30 minutes in silence imagining my Twin Flame with me and I imagine us having the best time together. I appreciated the pull because it is confirmation of our connection and it also reaffirms that my Twin Flame feels what I feel.

The best way to embrace the Twin Flame journey is by learning to feel secure within yourself so that you do not need anyone else to make you feel safe.

Stay Blessed!

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