Are you willing to change your life right now so that you can be with your Twin Flame in the future?

This is a tough question to answer because it puts your Twin Flame journey into perspective.

Thoughts of changing your life so that you can be a Twin Flame are scary and overwhelming. 

When you meet your Twin Flame, you know for sure that your life is about to change forever because you are compelled to know them further and the more you get to know them, the more you crave to join your life with them.

Change for Twin Flames is scary because you are challenged to dissolve your past karmic ties and to separate from your old life with the hope of reuniting as a divine pair.

What changes first after you encounter your Twin Flame is yourself. You feel different; Spiritually renewed and Awakened.

The Twin Flame experience is invigorating and Soul cleansing.

Once you experience the freedom that Twin Flame love brings to you, you want to feel like that forever.

Unconditional love frees your Soul.

Once you experience the bliss, euphoria and inner peace that your Twin Flame brings to you, you are empowered to change every other aspect of your life because of the high energetic vibration frequency.

You change your friends and social circles, and you are also empowered to dissolve any relationships that do not make you happy. 

It is difficult to date anyone else when you meet your Twin Flame and you realize that nothing beats Twin Flame love because it is genuine and authentic.

Change is inevitable during the Twin Flame journey and the more you embrace it, the easier the journey becomes. 

To reunite with your Twin Flame can take years if you are not willing to change your life.

It gets complicated if you have a family or if you have a business with your Twin Flame because it slows down the reunion.

It is also very overwhelming thinking of separating your extended family, close friends and relationships if you dissolve your karmic ties.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

Stay Blessed!

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