What is a Twin Flame Chaser Soul shock?

I was relieved for a moment when we physically separated. I was excited about having my life back to normal as before. I was looking forward to having some space and room to re-think of the bond that I shared with my Twin Flame. I was looking forward to having some peace finally within myself.

He wanted us to keep talking to each other whenever we could. 

The best means of communication for us to keep in touch would be through social media, emailing, texting and calling. My Twin Flame was looking forward to talking to me any time and he deeply expressed how much he missed me. 

He could write about how unique it was spending time with me was and he was looking forward to seeing me soon. I was looking forward to hugging him too.

The first week of our physical separation was so dark for me, I was filled with feelings of sadness. 

I could not see how my life was going to be peaceful if my Twin Flame was not in my life. I went into a moment of grieving my soul.

Life did not go back to normal; everything became worse before it got better. 

My life situation worsened and I ended up changing my work, I was going through a divorce, I almost died from a road accident and Life was generally miserable without my Twin Flame.

I could not speak to anyone about my situation, the closest friend I had then was my ex-husband and this was mainly because we shared work and the house. I could not open up to my friends because no one understood what I was going through.

All I can tell you is that you can’t fake being a Twin Flame or the Twin Flame connection itself because it is a natural state of being how Twin Flames feel for each other. 

Even though you meet each other while you are both dating other people, you will feel compelled to merge with your Twin Flame energetically.

You are more compelled to be with your Twin Flame than you have ever been with anybody else because you feel as if half of yourself has been chopped off when you are in physical separation.

When you are at the beginning of the physical separation phase with your Twin Flame, you get worried about their indefinite absence. As you progress further on your journey, it is a painful life without your Twin Flame. 

You sometimes wish that you never met them because the longing, and desire to physically merge only intensifies yet you have no control over when your Twin Flame will return.

As time goes by, you learn to live with the loneliness in your heart and the void in your Soul as you learn to embrace the different aspects of your Twin Flame experience. You realize that you have the inner strength to control how you feel for your Twin Flame even though you constantly miss being with them because you are always thinking of how happy they make you feel.

Thoughts of your twin Flame soothe you on a daily because you are comforted by the euphoric feelings that come to you when you remember their eyes and their smile. A Twin Flame brings peace, harmony, and balance into your life. You realize a deeper meaning to your life than before and you find a greater life purpose. Feeling like you have a purpose in life drives you to feel empowered to achieve your wildest dreams.

On a daily, you remember your Twin Flame, as you learn to live with the energetic share that you feel within. You feel like your Twin Flame never left you because you feel the Oneness. You feel as if you are two people connected as One Single Energetic Unit.

Stay Blessed!

1 thought on “What is a Twin Flame Chaser Soul shock?

  1. My DM doesn’t message me very often now during this pandemic, and it is now that I need him the most and feel the separation intensely. He must not feel the soul connection as strongly or he wou make more of an effort. It is very heart breaking.

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