What are the signs that your Twin Flame loves you?

Twin Flame love is very difficult to contain and the more you resist it, the more it feels extremely intense. 

There is no way around the Twin Flame journey and there is no shortcut or detour.

When your Twin Flame misses you, they will let you know.

  • They will reach out to you or make any form of physical contact. Even though your Twin Flame does not talk to you directly, they will find means to keep in the loop about the details of your life the same way you find clever ways to know details about them.
  • You feel the heartache sometimes when they miss you and long for you. The connection is real for Twin Flames because you feel it within you. If your Twin Flame is having good thoughts about you, you tend to feel intense bliss and euphoria, and if they are having sad feelings of missing you, you feel an intense heart pulling full of pain and longing. 
  • If your Twin Flame is missing you, they tend to reconcile with you so that you can be friends again. They realize that whether they have a future with you or not, it is best to be friends than enemies because they miss your company. 

If you need more tips about Twin Flame Love, please go here: 

Stay Blessed!

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