What happens when the Twin Flame runner Awakens to the connection?

You will be surprised by their instant return and they act as if the separation never happened at all.

Since you feel your Twin Flame all the time energetically whether you are aware of it or not, you realize that there was no separation at all because nothing can stop the progress of the Twin Flame journey.

Twin Flames miss each other all the time, and they are always thinking of each other.

You feel a change in the energetic vibration like you felt during the initial encounter. You feel the intensity of the Oneness with your Twin Flame as if they never left you.

You also feel an intense heart pulling when your Twin Flame misses you and you know for sure that it is the effect of your connection.

You start dreaming of your Twin Flame more often than before and you know that you will be seeing them soon.

Stay Blessed!

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