Do you text your Twin Flame when you get drunk?

I hate waking up to these embarrassing text messages every time I text him when I am drunk because that is when I am very real to him that it makes him uncomfortable.

I always wear my heart on my sleeve and I am not afraid to tell my Twin Flame how I feel. He is the opposite of me when it comes to breaking down. He prides himself on being stoic.

When I am afraid of telling him the truth of my heart when I am sober, I wait for when I am drunk and I explode in his inbox. I pour all the feelings out and I must admit that it feels good after you tell your Twin Flame how you feel.

Usually, I practice my words that I would want my Twin Flame to know and sometimes I write a DRAFT of the text message when I am sober. When I get the urges to reach out to him when I am drunk, I copy, paste and modify the draft.

When I wake up the next day, I feel better because I know that I didn’t write something silly to him.

Stay Blessed.

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