What goes on in the Runner’s mind when the Chaser Surrenders?

Fear is the driving force when the runner is making any choice to block their Twin Flame partner out of their life.

When I ran from my Twin Flame, I was afraid of feeling the intense emotions. I felt uncomfortable within because I was overwhelmed by the chaotic feelings that I felt for my Twin Flame.

So when the chaser tends to let the runner be and have their space, the runner misses the chase because it empowers their ego if they are being chased.

The runner also fears that the chaser will forget about them if they Surrender and they tend to chase their divine partner instead.

Once my Twin Flame stopped chasing me, I was afraid that he would stop loving me so I chased him back.

I surrendered a year ago and I let him have his peace.

When I told him that I have been celibate for the past three years since I found him, he made a very drastic move to have someone spy on me for him since then.

I feel at peace and I believe in our connection and the universe.

Stay Blessed.

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