Do you have Dreams about your Twin Flame?

I rarely see his face in my dreams but I always feel the connection strongly when I dream of him. Sometimes I wake up feeling the energy and usually, it stays with me all day.

I always wake up feeling happy and peaceful when I feel him in my Dreams.

About three days ago, I dreamed of us talking and holding each other and I felt as if he was physically present in my life.

As the dream progressed, I lost him because my mind drifted to another dream. I felt my heartbreaking because I wanted to keep dreaming of him.

He brings peace to my chaotic soul and I felt the bliss when he was holding me in the dream.

My Twin Flame makes me happy, and he is my safe space. I feel happy and calm every time I think of him.

I miss him every day and I wish I could have him in my dreams forever.

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