What is Twin Flame love?

When you meet your Twin Flame, you know for sure that you have met the one because you feel love for them unconditionally without expectations.

You feel your energy merging with theirs and you start vibrating energetically at the same frequency.

When you meet your divine partner, you automatically feel complete as if you all the broken parts within you come together. You feel whole and you realize that you were feeling alone in the past because you did not know that you were looking for the missing piece who is your Twin Flame.

You can run and hide but you can not escape Twin Flame love. You feel the connection growing within you every day and you also know that nothing can sever the bond that you share with your Twin Flame.

When you physically separate from your Twin Flame, you get an affirmation for the love connection because you feel the connection more intensely during their absence.

You are constantly thinking of each other and the energetic share that you both feel only intensifies further and you feel both your energies merging into infinite Oneness.

You feel Oneness with your Twin Flame because you are one in the soul. This is why you feel the uncanny familiarity when you initially meet. It feels like you know them from the past even though it is the first time to know of each other.

Knowing that you have a Twin Flame changes your life forever because once you know of them, you are inspired to evolve, change, and grow into your authentic self.

You never forget a Twin Flame because you are always remembering how they make you feel. You are always thinking of the peace they bring to you and you feel your heartbreaking all the time because of the intense desire to have them physically in your life.

Nothing can change how your Twin Flame feels for you because you also know that nothing can change how you feel for them.

Soon or later, Twin Flames overcome their challenges and obstacles so that they can physically reunite. It can take years for them to get back together but nothing can make them forget the unconditional love they share.

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