When you feel your Twin Flame energy, what happens to you physically?

For me, I feel his energy on the left side of my chest. I feel a heart pulling sensation and if the energetic share is too intense, I feel a hard pain around my heart area. The pain comes when I think he is missing me intensely and channel his longing. 

Sometimes, it is a typical heartache where I feel like my heart is breaking into tiny pieces. When I feel this, I automatically know that he is thinking of me. The heartache also makes me lovesick and sometimes I can be sick for over two days.

There are also times when my heart area warms up. I can feel our energy merging into each other and when this happens, I feel all sorts of emotions. Most of the time, I channel chaotic emotions where I become restless and helpless.

What I love the most when my Twin Flame is thinking of me is the sexual energy that he sends my way. I always get sexually aroused without any physical contact.

This feeling is always accompanied by intense euphoria and bliss. I always know when he is desiring to make love to me because I always feel the Soul intimacy. It feels like we are constantly making love to each other in the Soul.

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