What is a Twin Soul merge?

I feel the Soul merge with my Twin Flame every day. I feel it intensely today and I was thinking of how blessed I am to feel his energy make love with mine. It is a Soul Intimacy that I have never shared with anyone before and I know in my soul that I will never have this connection with anyone else again.

I know for sure that I have found the love of my life. I found my equal partner and being away from him is the most excruciating feeling ever.

I used not to accept that Twin Flame separation is an illusion until we physically separated. I feel him with me all the time. I feel his essence with me and it is a very comforting feeling.

Merging with my Twin Flame happened the moment we met. We physically became inseparable and we shared everything. We wanted to merge our lives as one. This is because of the Soul Oneness.

We also are always compelled to hold each other and every opportunity we got, we found ourselves hugging.

When I hug my Twin Flame, the world falls away and peace washes over me. I miss the peace that my Twin Flame brings to me.

Right now, I feel the soul merge consuming me. I feel his energy pulling me in like a magnet. I feel his Soul making love to mine as we merge into complete Oneness.

Right now, I feel no distinction between him and I. We are One in essence right now.

I know that he feels me as well because I feel him. He must be thinking of me right now.

I feel the bliss and peace that he brings to me as though we are hugging physically.

I miss being intimate with him physically.

Twin Flame love is a Spiritual experience because of the Oneness in the Soul.

Twin Flame love is unconditional, cosmic, and divinely orchestrated.

It is such a Blessing to feel HAPPY.

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