Does your Twin Flame miss you and love you?

Yes, I believe that he loves me as much as I love him because I feel it within me. I feel his pain when he is hurting and I feel his bliss when he is happy and having positive thoughts.

Just know that the way you long to be with them is the same way they long to be with you and the love connection you have with each other is felt by them as well.

You do not need to have physical contact to know how much your Twin Flame loves you because you feel their essence merge with you yours and you feel their energy embrace you as if they are physical with you.

Once you learn how to embrace your Twin Flame energy, you get comforted by the bliss the connection brings to you and you feel peaceful and balanced within the same way your Twin Flame makes you feel.

To some extent, you find solace in your shared Twin Flame energy and you feel comforted by it the more you open your heart to feeling the connection.

Twin Flame love is the most amazing feeling ever!

Stay Blessed!

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