What is the difference between Twin Flame Chaser Surrender and Waiting? And, what are some of the expectations of Surrender?

I believe that waiting in any form is having expectations of the outcomes of your Twin Flame journey and Surrender is accepting to let your Twin Flame experience to follow the divine course.

Surrendering means that you trust your Twin Flame process and you give up controlling every aspect of your experience.

You also accept your Twin Flame the way they are even though they tend to ignore you and run from you.

You never stop loving your Twin Flame even though you Surrender and you always think of them.

You grow an inner power to control the compulsion of always wanting to talk to them and you instead embrace the freedom you feel.

Once you start to embrace the freedom and balance within you, you realize that your Twin Flame never left you because you feel their love within you.

You realize that physical contact does not matter because you feel connected always whether you feel happy or sad.

Once you realize that you are one in the soul with your Twin Flame, you focus on bring peace in your life and you embark on a journey of unconditional self-love.

Self-love empowers you to find your authentic self and you live a life of meaning and authenticity.

Of course, as you Surrender to your journey and self-love, you have hope to reunite with your Twin Flame which is a different scenario if you are just waiting.

Waiting means that you focus your energy at the expectations of your Twin Flame’s return and you ignore yourself and your self-work.

Whether you like it or not, you must Surrender and open your heart to embrace your Journey. There is no way around the Twin Flame process and there is also no shortcut to finding your authentic self.

You must trust the divine process unconditionally…

Stay Blessed!

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