Do you think that it is possible to completely Surrender and you stop chasing your Twin Flame?

At some point, I managed to Surrender and let my Twin Flame have his space but every once in a while, I reach out to him because I never stopped loving him.

I miss him every second of the day and I desire to merge physically with him.

When I feel sad about something, he is the first person that I want to tell. I keep seeing his eyes and I keep remembering how happy he makes me feel.

You give your Twin Flame their freedom to act the way they want but you never completely forget them.

Feeling the Twin Flame runners love in your heart and their soul merging with yours makes it impossible to sever the connection.

Even though you Surrender to your Twin Flame connection, you hope that someday your Twin Flame returns to you.

Every aspect of your life revolves around how you feel for your Twin Flame and Surrender means that you accept your life situation and allow yourself to absorb your shared energy of Oneness with your Twin Flame.

Once you meet your Twin Flame and the connection is authentic, you know that soon or later, they will return.

Open your heart to your Twin Flame love.

Stay Blessed.

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