What is a Twin Flame Runner Awakening Experience like?

This was a very painful phase for me physically, emotionally, psychologically, and energetically.

I was not used to the Spiritual Awakening that came over me and I was experiencing all sorts of emotional chaos.

Meeting my Twin Flame triggered a catalytic force of change that I could not control any aspect of the alchemical transformation that I was going through.

At first, I was very naive about the nature of the Twin Flame Awakening process and it took me over 6 months of research to understand what had come over me. My mind could not understand what my heart was feeling but my Soul was happy to find its divine partner.

The Dark Night of the Soul was triggered by our physical separation and I missed my Twin Flame so much and my soul was longing to be reunited with him.

The Spiritual Awakening that I was going through compelled me to look within myself to face my inner pain and core wounding.

I went through phases of emotional crisis and I purged all the past pain that was lodged within me.

Every time I cleansed my energy, I felt refreshed and my Soul felt replenished because of the invigorating Spiritual Growth.

Stay Blessed.

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