When the runner Twin Flame awakens to the connection and accepts to work on themselves, how does the chaser feel?

Having been on this Twin Flame for almost three years, I now understand how the energetic dynamic between my Twin Flame and I. I know how we operate as a single energetic unit to keep a harmonious flow. What are some characteristics of a Chaser Twin Flame?

This is how I now know when he is thinking of me and missing me. I sometimes get a wave of sadness wash over me even though I have nothing in my life that is causing me to feel sad. Does the Runner miss you as much as you miss them?

When it comes to the Twin Flame connection, it affects both your inner-self and the physical life situation and the same thing goes for your Twin Flame too. When you meet your Twin Flame for the first time, this is how you feel.

The reason why you never stopped thinking of your Twin Flame ever since you met is that once you meet and acknowledge each other, you feel yourself changing into your authentic self because you feel the oneness.

You begin to understand why you felt incomplete before – your Twin Flame completes you. How do you know that you are going through a Genuine Twin Flame journey?

When the runner Twin Flame accepts the connection and believes that there is a future for your relationship, they accept to face any energetic blockages that they have and also accept their soul lessons so that they can grow and evolve into their authentic selves. These reunion tips can b e very helpful to you.

The energetic dynamic changes between the divine pair once there is acceptance for the pair or of either the Twin Flames and once there is growth, you also feel the energetic harmony. Twin Flame Fun Facts.

When the runner Twin Flame starts their healing process, you feel your energy lighten up. You feel the energetic bliss growing within your connection and if you were feeling slugging on your journey as a chaser, you instantly inspired and uplifted to keep doing a great job. How do you recover from the pain of separation from a Twin Flame.

The energetic merging process is also accelerated once the runner Twin Flame accepts to work on themselves. You feel your energies colliding into each other without any resistance which changes how you feel energetically, and it affects your thoughts and dreams. How do you move the obstacles so that you can reunite with your Twin Flame especially if you are married?

Once you feel the energetic harmony increasing between you and your Twin Flame, you relax and completely Surrender because you feel the authenticity of your connection within you. Are you asking this about the Runner Twin Flame?

You feel the energetic oneness intensifying every day which is a reminder that your Twin Flame feels you too. You realize that the Twin Flame journey is not about the physical life circumstances but rather governed by the energetic harmony that you share.

Stay Blessed!

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