Why do you never stop thinking of your Twin Flame?

When you meet your Twin Flame for the first time, you keep remembering them day after day and it goes on constantly. 

It is impossible to forget a Twin Flame but yet you have to overcome the pain of missing them; here is how.

It is a big surprise to many Twin Flames that you think of your Twin Flame whether you are conscious of it or not. Twin Flame Fun Facts.

Thoughts of your Twin Flame consume you and the unconditional love that you feel for them inspires you to shape your life in a meaningful way.

Every day after you meet each other is affected by how you feel for your Twin Flame whether you choose to accept the connection or resist it.

What is the Twin Flame separation phase, and what does it accomplish for Twin Flames?

Either way, your life becomes about your Twin Flame experiences and your Twin Flame becomes the biggest part of you.

What is it about the Twin Flame that makes you think of them constantly every minute of the day?

When you meet your Twin Flame, you feel like you finally understand yourself. You understand why you did not fit in with others and why you always felt incomplete before.

You feel like you have finally found the missing piece of the puzzle of your life; these signs can help tell you if you have met a Twin Flame or not.

It is very natural how you merge into each other energetically, emotionally, physically, and mentally.


You feel balanced and whole. You feel like your life has meaning and you see a bright future ahead because you feel like you can do anything with your Twin Flame. How do you move the Obstacles on your journey so that you can reunite?

When you are physically separated, all you do is remember your Twin Flame and how they make you feel while you are around them. You always long to feel the Oneness and physical separation intensifies this feeling.

No matter how many people you thought that you were with before, you understand that your Twin Flame is the safest place that you have ever been to because they are your Home.

You feel secure when you are with your Twin Flame and you feel free to be yourself without feeling judged. You feel completely understood by your Twin Flame without saying a word and you feel accepted.

How does it feel when you meet your Twin Flame for the first time?

Once you are physically separated from your Twin Flame, you miss them and even if you try to date other people, you miss your Home who is your Twin Flame.

You are inspired by your Twin Flame to create a meaningful life with a purpose that benefits not just you but impact the human collective at large whether it is directly or not. Is it over when a Twin Flame runs?

Even though you are not talking to your Twin Flame during the physical separation phase, you are always feeling unconditional love for them and you are inspired by love to refine yourself and embrace change. The more you accept to learn more soul lessons to grow, you feel yourself evolving to become your authentic self. How do you Surrender as a Chaser and let your Twin Flame be?

You are also inspired to channel your Twin Flame energy into something meaningful. This is when you embark on a journey of pursuing your life mission.

What is the Twin Flame Bubble Love phase?

Twin Flame love becomes your fuel and inspiration because you always feel like you can achieve your wildest dreams.

I started a YouTube Channel.

Stay Blessed.

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